What I can do to help you build your startup.

Designing for Humans

User Experience Design (UXD) is the art and science of creating useful, memorable, valuable digital experiences for real people. It is simply a systematic, empathetic look at how to make things with people in mind.

The process involves identifing the ideal user/customer for your product, then crafting software that is easy and delightful for them to use. Through hypothesis, testing and iteration, great products are made.

Interaction Design (IxD)

Thoughfully mapping how users move through the tasks necessary for them to succeed with your product is critical and often undervalued.

I can help you work through user flows and look for potential problems, and optimal solutions so your customers don't leave frustrated and confused.


Once you understand your user's problems and how you might best solve them through a user inteface, it's beneficial to build quick partially-working prototypes to test your assumptions.

Before spending countless hours (and therefore money) developing working production software, make sure you're building the right thing first.

User Interface Design (UID)

I've been making art my whole life, which led me to a degree in Graphic Design.

These days, I focus my visual thinking on building attractive and useful user interfaces for web and mobile products.

I'm convicted in my belief that aesthetic beauty and solid graphic design principles are absolutely critical to the success of digital products today.

Front-end Development

Great user interface design doesn't stop with static design deliverables. At least as much craft must be put into the working interface.